Who is He?

Whoever dares to judge the result of the work of the Almighty who has worked hard, he is surely pleased to see in himself that was prooved that there was no lack one point.  And that they should be glad and to rejoice together with God,  that they should be blessed and keep well, and that all things should have been done, but what is the honor of being a slave or a prisoner? He has begun the work of healing and kicking his arm, so that he will feel a greater joy than  the satisfaction of the first creation, as a carpenter, who is the Lord and master of the house,  renovating himself, calling himself the Son of Man by what should we call him?
Daniel You

About Daniel You

I am the executive director of a midsize company and a top engineer as an automotive engineer national certified. I love God & neighborhood. Wife, son and me let the kingdom come in the least unit of that. I have served 33 years in Navigator Mission. I especially like Daniel and especially the bible of Daniel and Revelation.


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