Life be from life. (Union)

During my 33 years in the workplace, I saw three fingers were cut off from their bodies. Several people were mobilized to find the cut finger, and the fingers were washed in clean water, wrapped in clean blanket, rushed to the hospital. The sooner it survive, the sooner it will be able to survive in 12 hours at the latest. When you arrive at the hospital, wash it with flowing water, disinfect it, and attach it to his body. Surgery is done while the blood is flowing during sterilization with transfusion. When the stitch up ends, wait for life to flow again. If your fingers do not survive even though they are attached to your body, you should remove them. As life goes on, he practice physical exercises for a long period of time and gradually move back and regain function. Even if I live without a long period of physical therapy, my function is hard to show. There is life but it stays solid. The fingers that have been cut off are men, and the body is God, the source of life, and it can be said that washing with water, disinfecting with blood, water and blood shed on the cross, and suturing within 12 hours In the 120-year time frame, it can be thought that it symbolizes the union with God, the source of life. I (Jesus) is a vine, and man is a branch. If the branch is not attached to the vine, he is dried up like branches. They gather together and throw them into the fire. (John 15: 5,6)
Daniel You

About Daniel You

I am the executive director of a midsize company and a top engineer as an automotive engineer national certified. I love God & neighborhood. Wife, son and me let the kingdom come in the least unit of that. I have served 33 years in Navigator Mission. I especially like Daniel and especially the bible of Daniel and Revelation.


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