Can you trust and believe in God who is failing, giving up, and finding a different path each time?

  • Is it true that God made a plan for Adam to build the Kingdom of God on earth, but he had to change His plan because of the snake`s wicked scheme?
  • Is it true that God made the Garden of Eden and had a good time there with Man, but had to closed down the garden because of the betrayal of him?
  • Is it true that God made Israel his people, and trained them with His whole heart, but eventually abandoned them because they were a stiff-necked people?
  • Is it true that God tried to fulfill His plan to make Israel a nation of priests and a model for all the nations on the earth but all in vain.
  • Is it true that God made a covenant with Israel to make them a wife, but He broke up, and divorced them because of adultery of Israel?
  • Is it true that the transplanting of the Kingdom of Heaven in this earth (‘the kingdom come’) was eventually abandoned because of wrong doings of Man?
  • Is it true that God`s will be done in heaven, but not in earth, so God has to change its course according to the circumstances?


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