God’s Cry; My nation!

God’s Cry; My nation!(My people+ My land+ My king!) The voice of God as seen throughout the Old Testament is ‘my people, my land, my king’. *1 He called a man to make a nation and to be a people of God, an inheritance of God. *2 It is God’s great purpose to bless all nations through this nation. * 3 He chooses a small land, and after he has done his will in that place, he will rest there forever.*4 He set up kings to deal with the people of God’s kingdom and dealt with them. * 5 – The repeated failure of the king of man sends the king of God to the earth as a shepherd The king of God came to his people, but he was not received by his people. * 6 Through the repeated failure of the King of Man, He sends the King of God to this land as a Judge.*7 – Even in Jerusalem in a small land, even to a small people Israel, the Lord is not yet a king. When he comes, he will be king of his people Jews, and he comes to Zion his own land (Olives). *8 Jerusalem is lifted up and the nations know God who sanctifies Israel. * 9 Kings enter with the glory of the world to Jerusalem, and the people enter the Jerusalem. * 10 He annihilates enemies who oppose the King of the King, and the King renews all things. * 11 He will move the dwelling place of God into the place where we live and live with us. * 12 Therefore, I am in the training as a Prince to rule over this land was given to Adam as a blessing. * 13 *1: Exodus 3: 7~10 (my people), Ps 2: 6 (my king) *2: Genesis 12: 1~4, Isaiah 47: 6 (to polluted my inheritance) *3. Genesis 12: 3 (all the tribes of the earth are blessed by you), Exodus 19: 6(Priestly country), Isa 42: 6(Light of the Gentiles) *4: 2: 8 (eye ball), Jeremiah 3:48 (tears), De 11:12 (fixed eyes), Psalm 122: 6 (seek peace), Psalm 132: 14 (resting place) *5: 1Sa 9:16 (David anointed), 2 Samuel 7: 12,13 (forever) *6: John 1:11 (coming to Jerusalem), Matthew 2: 6 (the ruler who will shepherd) *7: Psalm 110: 1 (sit at God’s right hand), Matthew 22:44 (footstool), Psalm 2: 6 (come to Zion) *8: Luke13:35(shall see Jesus), Zech12: 10,11 (grace, supplication, mourning), 14: 4 (presence in the Mount of Olives) *9: Isa 62: 7, Ezekiel 37:28 (where the sanctuary will be there for eternity -> the nations will know God who sanctifies Israel) *10: Rev 21:24 (kings to the city), 26 (the people to the city) *11: Luke 19:27 (the enemy who dislikes the king), Isa 61: 2 (vengeance) *12: Revelation 21: 5 (all things renewed), Col 3:10 (new man), 1 Corinthians 15:51(All be changed) *13: Luke 19: 15-27 (mina gain), Matthew 13:52 (working with the householder)


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