How are you brother Kim?

How are you brother Kim? We are all OK.
1.We had gone to southern province .the place is about 177km from Lusaka and 30 km from Livingstone road ,the place called Kanchomba with more than 80 households.This is a rural area for small scale farmers who depend on rain as a result of lack of rain last season ,they had very poor harvest and the rivers they draw water from are drying up apart from small ponds which they are digging though the water is not clean
2.when we arrived in Lusaka we proceeded to mumbwa which is in central province about 70 km and about 20 km from the main road. This place also is for small scale farmers called kabangalala which has more than 75 house holds.they travelled more than 7km to fetch water.
There was no good rain .rivers where they draw water from have dried up .they are really facing a water challenge

These are photos and videos for number 2 place

2. Kabangalala (central province)








  1. A man is doing small and good things and God is pleased with that and uses 5 loaves and 2 fishes to eat 5,000persons.(마14:17)


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