Point of view of the world, world view

I think that it is really important to see. However, I think that the viewpoint that comes from accumulating what I have seen is more important. To see only what you want to see, listening what you want to hear is because of the point of view, and you judge and act on it. So life is determined by the point of view of the world and everyone agrees with it. I have tried to have a view of the world on the basis of the Bible, and so on. I share what I found in the Bible about how the world speaks. (My biblical worldview)   * In the Bible, especially Jesus, tells about the world: 1. Divide the world into this world and the coming world. We distinguish them from the second coming. 2. What is the difference between the two starting points?
This world (generation) world coming (generation)
  • The world that the wicked and the righteous coexist
  • Tears, pain and death
  • The world that is buried and left behind (see Manna Vieux)
  • The world that lives in a thin body
  • The world where the man and the woman are married
  • The world that separates the two from each other and lives apart from each other?
  • The World Without Tears, Sadness, and Death
  • A world ruling with Jesus
  • The world where the resurrected body lives forever
  • The world where the church is the bride and Jesus is married as the bridegroom
In our Bible, we express in the world, world, and generation, but ‘Aeon’ in the original language is a place more focused on time than place, so the expression of generation is similar to the original meaning. 3. All related words are emphasized in time, so it refers to the new world rather than the new world. (When the world was renewed and sat on the throne of glory; (Matthew 19:28) Behold, I renew all things; (Revelation 21: 5))? 4. The first half is life based on Jesus’ suffering in the early days, the second is the world ruling with the glorious Jesus of the Second Coming; Since we are followers of Jesus, we believe that it is the safest life to live a life that is always similar to Him. Now, I want to live a life resembling Jesus in the First Presidency, a life similar to Him in the second coming.


  1. The belows will be when Jesus comes back to earth.
    Those who believe in Him and live shall live forever.
    Those who believe in Him and die shall resurrected and live forever. (John 10:28, 29)
    These things happen on this earth at the second coming.
    Then I have to count the planet again.

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